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Soft Tissue Grafting with Acellular Dermal Matrix

Using a Purchased Material

The use of acellular dermal matrix eliminates the need to move tissue from the roof of the mouth to the area needing gum grafting. Acellular dermal matrix is a purchased material that is eventually replaced with your own tissue as it heals. Acellular dermal matrix is a sterile human connective tissue matrix that contains no blood and no cells. Therefore, there is no risk of rejection or potential for disease transmission. This tissue matrix has been in use in medicine and dentistry for nearly ten years, and there have been no cases or disease transmission in over 500,000 transplants. More teeth can be treated in one session. After healing, your gum tissue is bound down tightly so it will not move or receed over time. Call Dr. Wiland today to make an appointment for soft tissue grafting without using your own tissue.

The advantages of acellular dermal matrix in root coverage grafting include the following:

  • ●   The roof of the mouth is avoided making the procedure more comfortable
  • ●   There is an unlimited supply of donor tissue many teeth can be treated in one visit
  • ●   Consistent quality of donor tissue
  • ●   A natural aesthetic appearance

Before treatment wtih acellular dermal matrix
Front tooth after treatment with acellular dermal matrix
Before and After Soft Tissue Grafting

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